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In hybrid grass POWERgrass, over the synthetic turf, it is the natural grass to provide better quality, safety and savings.

The hybrid grass POWERgrass is 98% natural grass reinforced, in wear and even more in tear resistance, that surprised the industry with an innovative mixed turf (natural and synthetic) that has high quality standards compared to those fields in entirely synthetic turf.

The hybrid grass POWERgrass is designed to resist up to 6 hours of play per day during the period of grass growth for a total of up to 1200 hours for Cool Maritime climates and up to 1400 for the Mediterranean climates where grass grows even during the winter. It is also estimated a duration of over 20 years.

The hybrid grass POWERgrass generates savings to investors, contractors, groundsmen, the community and finally to the environment.

The hybrid grass POWERgrass is a better alternative to entire synthetic pitch because provides sufficient playing hours for training sections and official games, with regular e reduced maintenance equivalent to a field in synthetic turf without the need to replace the old synthetic turf burned by UV-V rays of the sun.

In our eyes, the hybrid grass POWERgrass represents the future for construction of sports and recreational surfaces in natural grass reinforced following the guidelines of Green Economy.

The comfort of natural grass - The strength of synthetic turf

Players are now convinced that natural grass is the best and the safest playing surface for any contact sports such as Football, Rugby and American Football.

The problem
However, the continuous increase of the hours of playing activity is a limit to the grass entirely natural especially during the winter period, when growth is limited and the roots are shallow. The actions of the players often tear off the grass sods that are raised, forming dangerous divots.

The solution
The hybrid grass POWERgrass provides a playing surface even and stable throughout the season. The players perceive the greater stability and security and they are encouraged to perform spectacular actions.

The hybrid grass POWERgrass has 100% natural feeling. The natural grass grows better and stronger inside this synthetic turf. Soon will set new industry standards for hybrid grass systems because it offers favorable conditions for the growth of natural grass from the beginning and playable pitch even in those cases where, for any reason (extreme use, weather conditions or error human), natural grass could possibly be damaged.

The synthetic turf is perfectly integrated into the natural grass and you can see it with great difficulty, but if necessary in the areas of greatest use where natural grass wears, the synthetic fibres emerge to support players actions and offer a pleasant green aspect.

POWERgrass hybrid grass has finally solved the problem for the reinforcement of natural grass.

Over the past 30 years we have seen several methods to reinforce the natural grass with results more or less effective, but all of them, require intensive maintenance to de-compact the soil, and if, for any reason, the natural grass gives away is difficult to regenerate the original conditions of growth.

After the failures of the competition, no one believed that we had finally found a system of hybrid grass truly functional. Thinking outside the schemes and experimenting with alternative technologies we came to POWERgrass solution to provide the ideal playing fields. In our tests we noticed that natural grass grows better in POWERgrass with ZOEsand than any other combination. The results surprised the experts and ourselves.

The hybrid grass POWERgrass is designed to prevent soil compaction and even in extreme cases where the grass gives way, emerges the synthetic turf and provides playable and safe surface until the end of the season when, during the summer break, is possible to restore the grass with extreme simplicity.

Experts in natural grass, agree that of all sports surface worldwide none has the characteristics of POWERgrass. Today is possible to build a field of natural grass reinforced with a small budget and keep the quality stable over time with low but constant maintenance. POWERgrass really offers "the best of both worlds":

  • Compared with only natural grass, POWERgrass offers greater stability and uniform surface with no divots, sufficient hours to play in most sports centres and reduced maintenance;
  • Compared to only synthetic turf, POWERgrass offers greater playing comfort, better traction to reduce injuries, falls and abrasions during falls;
  • Compared to other hybrid systems, POWERgrass offers softer surface, faster grass establishment and recovery, reduced maintenance and playable surface also without grass;
  • Compared to all others grass surfaces, POWERgrass offers savings to investors, flexibility to contractors and simplify natural grass care for groundsmen.

A perfect symbiosis with mutual benefits

In POWERgrass the synthetic turf is provided with 63'000 or 88'200 synthetic fibres resilient to protect the crowns, the vital part of the natural plants, so invisible and almost imperceptible to the player. The fibres are fixed to a special support that allows the roots to penetrate into the underlying substrate from the first growth period and anchoring to the support of the synthetic turf making the natural grass resistant to wear and tear. The reinforcement by synthetic fibres and the anchor of the roots to the three-dimensional support reinforce the grass and prevent it by forming dangerous divots.

The reinforced natural grass therefore resists up a 1400 hours of playing activity meanwhile the synthetic turf is protected by UV rays of the sun, that cause premature aging.

Innovative project that generates savings

Developing POWERgrass we achieved all targets, to offer a professional field for everyone inspired by the phrase:

"A true innovation should produce greater benefits at the same cost or lower costs for the same benefits; when an innovation produces both greater benefits and lower costs, then success is assured!" Niko Sarris

On hybrid grass POWERgrass you play on natural grass but do not form dangerous divots and this is the first and most important saving for the maintenance of sports fields.

The synthetic turf of POWERgrass is covered by natural grass therefore is not exposed to the sun that causes premature aging so it is estimated a duration of over 20 years.

Certificate for professionals - Accessible to all

The hybrid grass POWERgrass was recently certified by the Italian Football Federation for professional stadiums. However, POWERgrass is offered at a competitive price, accessible to all. Integrates perfectly with the natural grass around therefore you can simply reinforce the area of greatest wear, doing therefore a gradual upgrading of your field, according to your budget.

The system is easy to apply and is also suitable to "do it yourself".

ZOEsand - the best soil improver to be mixed with sand

To achieve an optimal hybrid grass system, it is not sufficient to use a synthetic turf that enable the roots to penetrate the backing. We have often observe that depending on the type of the reinforced grass system used, only the presence of synthetic fibres and especially the backing can make the playing surface very hard for the players and the use of aerators like Verti-Drain to de-compact the soil increases.

Testing different solutions with the hybrid grass POWERgrass we observed that the use of cork, coco peat and zeolite are just as important to provide a softer playing surface and reduce drastically maintenance costs.

The mineral-organic soil conditioner ZOEsand, contains gentle fine cork granules, coco peat and zeolite sand: coco peat balance moisture, provides carbon for microorganisms for a long period and increase soil fertility together with zeolite that provides an excellent Cation Exchange Capacity - CEC and buffering effect for water and nutrients, meanwhile gentle cork is used to balance air circulation in the growth medium, reduce compaction and provide a softer playing surface. Additionally, cork in cooperation with the geotextile of the synthetic turf backing will mitigate temperature variations in the rootzone.

For more information about why we developed POWERgrass, we invite you to read carefully all the details collected on our website.

hybrid grass POWERgrass in full density

The hybrid grass POWERgrass in full density.

hybrid grass POWERgrass versus Natural grass

The hybrid grass POWERgrass compared to natural grass.

The hybrid grass POWERgrass compared to the old systems of natural grass reinforced.

hybrid grass: natural grass grows in better inside this synthetic turf

Mixed natural grass and synthetic turf in perfect symbiosis in POWERgrass.

mixed natural grass and synthetic turf certified by the Italian Football Federation

Mixed natural grass and synthetic turf certified by the Italian Football Federation for professional stadiums.

Testing coco peat and gentle cork in hybrid turf POWERgrass

Experimentation of the soil conditioner cork, coconut and Zeolite mixed with the sand.


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