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Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Stadium

Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Stadium at November 2nd

The stadium has been restructured late in the summer of 2019, by replacing the existing reinforced root zone system of the Bermuda grass to the innovative POWERgrass hybrid system. It has been removed the top layer for about 100 mm, down to the old reinforced carpet system and new sand ameliorated with additives, has been integrated before the hybrid grass system was installed. The hybrid carpet has been installed in rolls of 4 metres stitched together and then filled with the root zone and the elastic layer up to 35 mm. The surface has been seeded with Seashore Paspalum Pure Dynasty and mineral and organic fertilisers have been distributed.

A great thanks to Talbot Farm Landscapes team that turned out this nice project in reality!

The innovative POWERgrass system

POWERgrass hybrid system successfully combines an innovative hybrid grass carpet with a natural elastic element and soil conditioners to balance %VWC in the sand based rootzone.

POWERgrass is a “game changer” because it offers the advantage to play safely for a great number of hours. The reduced and simple maintenance of the POWERgrass system provides over 30% of savings in a 20-years lifespan to any club level.

POWERgrass offers the possibility to standardise the performance features worldwide and mitigate environmental stress and foot-traffic intensity. The backing of the hybrid carpet provides high air circulation, anchors the roots that penetrate, and protects the roots from heat/frost stress, resulting in healthier growth conditions.

The 30 installations of POWERgrass prove that the system provides:

  1. Stability, softness and great traction for spectacular player's action.
  2. More play, up to 30 hours/week maintaining superior quality of natural grass where others are worn out when exceeding 15 hours/week.
  3. Standard warranty for 12 years for the synthetic carpet, extendable to 20[1] years subject to the maintenance program.
  4. Playable also without grass, due to high density carpet, to ensure the game can be played under any condition; this characteristic offers more flexibility for the maintenance program.
  5. Unique and innovative system because of the characteristics of the hybrid carpet’s backing fabric that is protected by three patents; one more patent is protecting the unique tufts-binding system LC-HM to further protect your investment.

From technical point of view, POWERgrass provides:

  1. Quick natural grass establishment and recovery after heavy use.
  2. Simple and reduced maintenance with standard maintenance equipment.
  3. Easy installation and replacement of damaged sections on high wear areas.
  4. Removable and reusable system; at the end of its lifespan it is possible to remove, regenerate and reuse the system for other green areas.
  5. Integrated system with additives to ensure softness, roots penetration and ideal growth conditions to grow grass and play sports on it.

[1] The lifespan is estimated for over 20 years as far the surface is well maintained, thus natural grass coverage reduces direct UV-rays that harm synthetic fibres.

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